Raise your own PET - the PET framework

By Csongor Fagyal (‎fagzal‎) from Budapest.pm
Date: Saturday, 22 October 2005 12:00
Duration: 40 minutes

In this speech, which will also touch on topics from last year's conference, I will talk about our new, GPL framework called PET, parts of which had already been revealed and discussed on our mailing list this year.
PET is a RAD written in Perl. Its main purpose is to speed up the development of web-based software (tipically handling HTTP "input" and producing (X)HTML output). Even though the first apha distribution will not be released sooner than the begining of the conference, PET has already proven its worth in some of our latest developments. In this talk, we will introduce the phisosophy of PET, talk about how GPL and GPL-like projects can be made a viable alternative in a "for-profit world", the internals and the possibilites of PET, the design decisions behind, the functionalities easing every day's development, show examples, and - in theory - a "heavyweight" case study.

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