A community-authored Perl 6 book

By Salve J. Nilsen (‎sjn‎) from Oslo.pm
Date: Saturday, 18 June 2011 15:30
Duration: 20 minutes
Target audience: Any
Language: English
Tags: 6 book community education hype marketing perl perl6 teaching writing

This talk gives a short introduction to the "Using Perl 6" book project. Salve will also try to place the book in a larger context, talk about goals and intentions, and finally give some thoughts on how to make the project even more useful, relevant and interesting for everyone.

If you care about the future growth of the Perl community, this talk is for you! If all goes well, we'll have clear path to world domination at the end of the presentation. :D

Attended by: Florian Ragwitz (‎rafl‎), Lars Thegler (‎tagg‎), Anton Berezin (‎Grrrr‎), Søren Lund (‎slu‎),