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YAPC::EU 2010 - The Renaissance of Perl



Things I Learned From Having Users

Things I Learned From Having Users

By Dave Cross (‎davorg‎) from London.pm
Date: Wednesday, 4 August 2010 11:00
Duration: 20 minutes
Target audience: Any
Language: English
Tags: cpan perl tools

When I first started releasing modules to CPAN it was great. I released modules that no-one used. I could release new versions as and when I wanted to.

Then people started using a couple of my modules. I started to get email about them. Suddenly my modules were no longer just for me. I had to deal with users.

In this talk I'll discuss how having users effects the way that you develop and release software. I'll also look at a few ways to keep on top of things.

Attended by: Dave Cross (‎davorg‎), Damian Conway (‎damian‎), Aaron Crane (‎arc‎), BinGOs, Salve J. Nilsen (‎sjn‎), Tina Müller (‎tinita‎), Reini Urban (‎rurban‎), Alexey Surikov (‎ksurent‎), Tom Hukins, Barbie, Martin Vorländer (‎mvorl‎), David Leadbeater (‎dg‎), Nigel Metheringham (‎nigelm‎), Tim Bunce, Dave Rolsky (‎autarch‎), Damon Davison (‎allolex‎), Gabor Szabo (‎szabgab‎), Adrian Arnautu, Aristotle, Chisel Wright,

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