Belgian Perl Workshop 2011 - Call for participation

Call for participation

The Belgian Perl Mongers
are pleased to invite you to

The Belgian Perl Workshop 2011

Brussels, Belgium

Saturday 15/10/2011

The Belgian Perl Workshop is the opportunity for people to meet and talk about tech stuff seasoned with Perl. People who have done interesting things, people who are working on the language itself, people who are using it daily, and people who are looking to learn about it, will all be there. Some of the greatest authors and developers in the field speaking about their work and projects, levelling themselves to all levels, from newbies to gurus. And just in case one would still have a doubt and wishes to look something up. The largest european Perl library (over 300 unique Perl-titles, plus dozens previous editions) will be there too.

Do join with us for this day of talking and learning about Perl in Brussels.

Important: We invite proposals from candidate speakers. We hope to welcome lots of you there !
Submit a talk proposal.