Hints for Authors


Each Speaker has a contact person from our team. If you have any questions, please ask him, he will be happy to help you. Please also send early versions of your proceedings paper to him, so he can have a look.

The closer the deadline comes, the more intensive he will ask you for your contribution.

As every year we want to produce a proceedings paper and a conference CD.

Your main contribution is an article of format POD, PerlPoint or LaTeX with a given structure so that it fits as one part into our complete proceedings structure.

To make this as easy as possible we provive an author kit for each format respectively. That author kit simulates our proceedings build environment and an example article which you should usa as base and starting point for your own article.

Please download one of the kits and follow the contained README file.

Please upload the result you built with this author kit in your user area on our website.

Please try to submit early versions of your work so we can include it in test runs.


Please describe yourself in your own words within the user area on the website. If you already talked at one of the last workshops, we replace the old bio with your current version.

We use the exisiting bio of authors we already know unless we get a new bio.

Keywords and Index list

Dpoenending an the used format you should mark keywords in your text. Those keywords are the base for our index. On the CD those keywords are used to interconnect the articles.

Keywords that don't directly appear in the text can be provided as an index list file. This list is optional. The format is one keyword per line and comment lines starting with '#'. Empty lines are allowed. Example:

# an example

# and then this:


The CD and the online version provide space for supplements - everything you ever wanted to provide to your readers appropriate to your topic: slides, handouts, examples, modules, scripts, beta versions, images, animationens, videos, an own "site" on the CD ... everything is allowed (although, you should get in contact with us if you plan very large files).

Goodies are optional and should be uploaded as archives. Please use the file upload in your user area on our website.

Format is free. It would be nice to have in index.html entry point. Else we just set a link to the goodies subdir.

Hint 1: In case you provide an index.html, the everything should be reachoble from there or it isn't visible.

Hint 2: Goodies are taken without changes!

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