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Herding a Cat with Antlers

By Tomas Doran (‎t0m‎) from drinkers.pm
Date: Saturday, 5 December 2009 14:00
Duration: 40 minutes
Tags: catalyst catamoose declare devel moose roles

The next generation version of Catalyst was released earlier in the year with its core replaced by Moose.

This talk will discuss writing modern Catalyst applications taking full advantage of the additional functionality of Moose, and show examples of where things such as controller and action roles can be extremely helpful to reduce code duplication inside your Catalyst application.

A short time will also be spent covering current prototypes and future developments in Catalyst 5.81 and further, and also the backwards compatibility work which needed to be undertaken to make the release as compatible with the previous (5.7X) release series as possible.

This talk will be assuming that you are at least partially familiar with both frameworks, and will concentrate on the use of them together, and should be viewed as 'Intermediate' - it will not provide an introduction to either topic.

Attended by: Tatsuhiko Miyagawa (‎miyagawa‎), Colin Campbell, Leo Lapworth (‎ranguard‎), fifi, andrea rota, Colin Bradford (‎cjbradford‎), Léon Brocard (‎acme‎), Zac Stevens, Ian Wells (‎ijw‎), Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker (‎ilmari‎), Mark Rainford, Anish Kumar (‎Anish‎), Stan Sawa, Andrew Solomon (‎illy‎), nick langridge, Simon Elliott, Damon Davison (‎allolex‎), Stuart Dodds, Tom Hukins, Pedro Figueiredo (‎pfig‎), osfameron, Peter Flanigan, Florian Ragwitz (‎rafl‎), Gordon Irving, Arun Prasaad (‎arunbear‎), stigo, Colin Robertson, Edmund von der Burg (‎evdb‎),