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This is not a reference to anyone...honest...

So it appears that I failed to give out some reference material in the last Newsletter1 . Thanks to all those kind souls who pointed this out in a positive manner2.

In this newsletter:

1. Date of the conference and location
2. Call for papers - date and schedule

1. Date of the Conference

The conference will be held on Saturday 4th December at the University of Westminster's New Cavendish Campus. Please visit the website below for more information and don't forget to log in/register for the conference:

Conference Website: http://conferences.yapceurope.org/lpw2010/
Location: http://conferences.yapceurope.org/lpw2010/location.html
Registration Log in: http://conferences.yapceurope.org/lpw2010/main
New User Log in: http://conferences.yapceurope.org/lpw2010/register

2. Call for Papers

This year's theme is Perl Flavours. Unlike previous years the keynote will be decided from the most appropriate 40 minute talk that best fits this theme3.
The proposal deadline is 12th November and speakers will be informed on the 15th November. See:

Submissions: http://conferences.yapceurope.org/lpw2010/newtalk

Registration will not close and the really late can register on the day, though this is not advised, for calculations on numbers attending please register as soon as possible5.

1 Though they were in the first announcement.
2 Rather than lambasting the lack of information across the internet.
3 Though there is also a despicable rumour that the organiser is open to bribes4.
4 Especially iPad shaped bribes that are in fact a 64gb iPad.
5 Anybody registering later than Sunday 28th November will have a handwritten conference badge ;).

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