Project: yacsmoke

Project: yacsmoke

By Barbie from Birmingham.pm
Date: Wednesday, 31 August 2005 15:20
Duration: 20 minutes

With the release of CPANPLUS 0.50, all cpansmoke script support within
the distribution has been dropped. As a consequence Robert Rothenberg
began to code a more integrated cpansmoke script. The result was
CPAN::YACSmoke. Following it's release to CPAN, Robert and I have been
working to expand the capabilities of the distribution and its plugins.

This talk is an introduction to CPAN Testing and CPAN::YACSmoke. The
talk will feature some examples of how to perform cpan-testing with
CPAN::YACSmoke, a request for ideas to better serve cpan-testers and
some self promotion of the yacsmoke SourceForge project.

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