Content Management (in Perl) with Bricolage

Content Management (in Perl) with Bricolage

By Pedro Cust√≥dio (‎pecus‎) from Lisbon.pm
Date: Wednesday, 31 August 2005 16:30
Duration: 40 minutes

You can find more information on the speaker's site:

The presentation will be based on a small training I gave on a portuguese advertising company to introduced them to Bricolage, as it is their new content manager system. In these small presentation(s) I intend to presente in a very summarized way the main Bricolage features, and what on can accomplish with it. I expect the presentation to cover the following topics:

# Why a content manager? Problems and Solutions from Bricolage point of view
# Main aspects of Bricolage Architecture
# Bricolage Introduction:
# Introduction to Bricolage web interface
# Document types and relation between existing documents and bricolage own format
# Element creation
# Templating, from templating types to templating systems available
# Bricolage SOAP interface

If theirs the possibility of being able to present more than one small presentation, some of these topics will be further explored, in particular the templating system and the SOAP interface. The later being presented as a great way to extend Bricolage own features.

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