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Sponsors are very important for the London Perl Workshop.

antibodyMX is a hosted antispam and antivirus email filtering service based entirely on a proven open source platform, Perl being one very important component. Users of the platform see a near-instant, near-total reduction in the amount of spam, phishing and malware content arriving at the mail server. We offer a free 30 day trial of the service to new customers. Please email info@antibodyMX.net for more information.
Booking.com B.V., part of Priceline.com (Nasdaq:PCLN), owns and operates Booking.com(TM), one of the world’s leading online hotel reservations companies by room nights sold, attracting over 30 million unique visitors each month via the Internet from both leisure and business markets worldwide.
Established in 1996, Booking.com B.V. guarantees the best prices for any type of property, ranging from small independent hotels to five star luxuries. The Booking.com website is available in 43 languages and offers over 135,000 hotels in 101 countries with more than 40 offices worldwide.
At Bytemark we are the UK's geek hosting outfit of choice, managing tens of thousands of domains, and thousands of servers, both dedicated and virtual. Since 2000 we've offered root access from fifteen pounds per month so that experts like you write their own code and have it run well, on a well-maintained network, without paying for more than you need. We can help you with sorting virtualisation, IPv6, migrating from virtual to dedicated and plenty of other difficult topics. Many of you are aware of Bytemark’s standing as a quality server service aimed at the technical market along with the browsing populace, but you might not know that they are soon to provide a very new service (hosting platform) and you can get in (and bring Perl with you) on the ground level. I know these guys, if we get Perl being used on their service they will work with us to do fun and excellent things with it, check it out at: http://bigv.io/.
DotCloud is a new kind of PaaS that lets developers build, deploy and scale applications in the cloud using virtually any combination of language and database stacks without the need for additional hardware or software. DotCloud offers a single point of management, enabling developers and IT organizations to seamlessly leverage innovations in developer tools and technologies. Based in San Francisco and funded by Benchmark Capital and Trinity Ventures, DotCloud was founded by Solomon Hykes and Sebastien Pahl in 2010. For more information visit DotCloud.
The Enlightened Perl Organisation is dedicated to the promotion of Perl (in particular Raptor Perl or Perl 5) as a production language that is suited to an enterprise environment.
The EPO will be providing banking and organisation facilities for the L ondon Perl Workshop for the second year running.
Exonetric Consulting Ltd is a UK based specialist in FreeBSD hosting, offering both individual jails and managed or unmanaged systems on dedicated hardware. In addition we provide colocation services in our London datacentre and are also able to offer assistance with capacity planning and recommendations for best-fit software components for larger systems. Our FreeBSD jails provide a great value, low-cost platform for hosting or developing Perl services and applications.
After the success of their previous free training course run in conjunction with the BBC in June, Magnum have kindly agreed to run another free training course in the morning during the LPW. We are initially keeping this open to UoW students only, in order to help promote Perl to new audiences. For full information on Magnum's training courses please consult their website.
Moonfruit is a London based team of developers, designers and entrepreneurs who are passionate about great design, great products and supporting small businesses, startups and design communities.
90% of Moonfruit’s customers are small businesses who want to build sites, their way. They expect a higher level of design tools to help build better designed sites for their customers. It is the no.1 hosted website builder in the UK and is growing rapidly in the rest of the world. A third of its users are in the US. Over 3.4 million sites have been built using their software
NET-A-PORTER.COM was launched in June 2000 and has since successfully established itself as the world’s premier luxury online fashion retailer.  Presented in the style of a fashion magazine, NET-A-PORTER features collections from over 350 of the world’s most coveted designers including Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Miu Miu, Stella McCartney and many more.  With its acclaimed editorial format, express worldwide shipping to 170 countries (including same day delivery to London and Manhattan), luxurious packaging and easy returns, NET-A-PORTER offers an unparalleled shopping experience
NET-A-PORTER will be sponsoring a training/workshop session at LPW.
Shadowcat Systems is a developer, sponsor of, and contributor to open source software projects including Catalyst, the elegant web framework, and DBIx::Class, an object-orientated database abstraction library. Shadowcat provides consultancy, training and support for these projects; systems management and automation; the design and implementation of network architecture; the development of proprietary and open source custom web applications; and offers Perl refactoring and project crisis management.
Shadowcat Systems are based in the United Kingdom but we deliver solutions to a global community of clients via onsite supervision along with traditional and internet based communications.
SureVoip are a business focused VOIP service with a strong dedication to providing “Open Telecoms for Business”. This is the first time they have sponsored the LPW directly though they were involved with us last year and we welcome them as they sponsor room 1 with UK2.
Like last year we are graciously being hosted by Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE) at the University of Westminster. We cannot exagerate how grateful we are for their support of Perl and Open Source in London.
UK2.net likes Perl, our entire platform is based on it, helping us to service hundreds of thousands of customers enjoying some of the best pricing for domains, web hosting and dedicated servers out there. We’ve been one of the largest players in the industry since 1998 and we’ve just launched a new VPS service allowing you to buy resources and launch as many smaller VPS as you wish on our cloud. These have auto failover, root access, an external console and loads more goodies for just £8.95 a month. No need to tell you this is ideal for dev environments where you need to kill and redeploy your server in an instant. The platform even allows you to create your own virtual machine templates or choose from one of our instantly deployable stacks. Not bad for less than a tenner.

We're also looking for new sponsors. Please contact m.keating['at' sign]shadowcat.co.uk if you are interested.