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More on Video Recording: thanks to Foxtons and Shadowcat, and how YOU too can help!

01/08/10 23:53 by peppe

Want to see all the talks from YAPC::Europe 2010 recorded in glorious technicolour for posterity? So do we! But we're going to need a little bit of help.

Luckily, two fantastic Perl-supporting companies are helping us out:

Leo Lapworth from Foxtons is bringing along a video camera, and getting his team to record 2 half-day sessions. Thanks to Leo, Michael, and Francoise for their help! (We could still do with some operators for other sessions though!)

And Matt Trout from Shadowcat Systems is bringing a video camera too! Matt has gone to Great Personal Sacrifice to do this, so we really to find operators to make this worthwhile. Otherwise he will cry.

What do we need:

  • a short commitment (maybe a half-day session) to sit in one room, and record the talks there. If you're not an expert, this will basically entail: setting it up, pointing it in the right direction, and learning how to press [REC]. An orga will help with this!

  • stopping in breaks, and starting up again;

  • changing the MiniDV tape when it runs out;

  • write down what you've just recorded on the cassette's case;

  • making sure the camera gets returned to us in one piece at the end of the day.

(If you're an expert, then you know what to do with it, and we'll just help out with making sure you have tapes and power sockets etc.!)

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