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Video Recording @ YAPC::Europe — take two

25/07/10 23:51 by peppe

Leo Lapworth suggested recently that speakers should record their own talks.

Now that's a fantastic idea, because video recording and editing are a big PITAresponsibility. Some fantastic volunteers record talks at conferences and workshops and meetings, and some equally fantastic volunteers spend their valuable free time editing the raw sources into something pretty and posting it. But who's got the time and patience to record and edit a whole conference?

So, we've put a call for volunteers. If you have a video camera - whether it's a piece of pro kit, or one of those cute Flip thingies, and you can bring it with you, then we will love yo' long time. You can fill in a wiki page with your availability if you like!

But... what if you want to make sure that your talk gets recorded? Leo's suggestion wins here. Record it yourself, and you won't have to rely on one of the volunteers to do it!

Leo's suggestion is to record a screencast of your slides, and the audio, as you give the talk. That's a nice half-way house between the "live" feeling, but with better graphics! (It'll probably give better results than a webcam, and then you don't have to stay stuck in front of your laptop for the talk).

Here you are some tools you can use. Whatever you end up using, we suggest that you do a practice run to get comfortable with the tool first! As the most important thing is the audio quality, if you have an mp3 (or minidisc, or whatever) recorder, why not bring that too to double the chances of a good recording!


Most people recommend recordMyDesktop.


Leo suggested that SilverBack has a 30-day free trial, which will cover YAPC::Europe.

Otherwise, if you are running 10.6+, then QuickTime will do this builtin.

Many people recommend ScreenFlow but any movies you export during the trial period will be watermarked.


Camtasia has a free 30-day trial.

Or you can use the free CamStudio.

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