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Getting around in Pisa


Buses in Pisa are ran by the Compagnia Pisana Trasporti (CPT); you can find the routes and the timetables on its website (select the August timetable, maps are in the upper right corner of each page); moreover, you can use Google Maps to find routes.

Tickets cost 1 EUR if bought before boarding the bus, 1.5 EUR onboard (drivers require exact change); a ticket lasts an hour — you can take as many rides as you want with a punched ticket. Moreover, you can buy in many tobacconist’s, newsstands etc. a book of 10 tickets for about 8 EUR.

When you’re at a bus stop, be sure to gesture to the driver that you want to take that bus (otherwise, the driver might skip the stop). Buses stop on request, so be sure to push one of the red buttons onboard before your stop. Most buses also have an onboard LCD screen telling you what is the next stop.


A 24h radiotaxi service is available by calling +39 050 541600. You can usually find some taxis near the Airport, or the railway station, or the Leaning Tower. Taxi fares are available here.

Car Rental

Rental cars start at about € 45/day. The airport is the most obvious place for rentals, but there are others scattered in Pisa. There's plenty of availability so you shouldn't have problems getting a car on the sport, however it's always a good idea to reserve online (there's a greater chance to get the car you want at a discounted rate).

To/From My One Hotel

We're setting up free shuttle buses at the beginning and end of each conference day, and for the dinner (which is near the Leaning Tower) as well. Details are available here.

My One Hotel also has a free shuttle bus to/from the airport for hotel guests. Check with the hotel for details.

At other times, moving from My One Hotel to the city centre and vice-versa without a car / scooter / bicycle may be a bit tricky. You have a few options:

  • Call (and maybe share) a taxi: ask the hotel reception, or use the 24h phone number (+39 050 541600). The run is 5 to 10 Euros, depending on where you need to go. At night, this is probably the only option (apart from walking).
  • If you are an hotel guest, you can catch the hotel shuttle to the airport and connect with the LAM Rossa buss line which will bring you in several downtown locations including train station and Leaning Tower (timetables here, map here)
  • During the day, public transport bus number 6 to/from Barbaricina every 40 minutes, from the railway station to here and vice versa. The bus stop is named Livornese 28; timetables from the station are available here (it's line 6, not the Green one), to the station here. Note that you have to walk the last 700 metres on a very uncomfortable road (no pedestrian road).
  • In the evening (2-3 buses per hour, stops before midnight) you can use public transport bus number 21. See map and timetables. It's a 700 meters walk like for the days bus, on the same road.
  • Walk. It's a couple of kilometers in a not-so-charming part of Pisa. This map shows the best route for walking.
  • Ask the attendees who have a car if they have free seats. :-)

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