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Getting to the YAPC::Europe 2010 venue

23/07/10 21:09 by peppe

Hello ladies!

Look at your man. Now back to the organizers. Now back to your man. Now back to the organizers.

Sadly, he isn't us. But if he stops using lady scented transport, and switch to a bus, he could shuttle like he is us.

Look down. Back up. Where are you?

You're on a bus, with the men your man could shuttle like. What’s in your hand, back at us, we have it, it’s an onion with two tickets to that conference you love!

Look again, the buses are now diamonds!

Anything is possible when you man smell like YAPC organizers and not a lady.

We're on a camel.

Shuttle buses

We’ve organized some shuttle buses to and from the conference venue (My One Hotel Galilei): we have 2 × 55-seater buses covering peak periods (morning, evening, and the conference dinner). There will be a huge sign with this logo on the buses' front/rear windows.

The pickup/drop points are marked on this map: you can easily reach the railway station by using the public Pisa bus service (all lines have a stop there).

Shuttle buses Schedule

The bus schedule is:

Station → Venue
Venue → Station
Starting at 08:00
Starting at 18:00
... every 15 minutes ...
... every 15 minutes ...
Last ride at 10:00
Last ride at 18:45

Venue → Dinner
Dinner → Venue
Starting at 19:00
... every 10 minutes ...
Last ride at 20:00

Thursday and Friday
Station → Venue
Venue → Station
Starting at 08:30
Starting at 18:00
... every 15 minutes ...
... every 15 minutes ...
Last ride at 10:30
Last ride at 20:00

Other options

If you can't make it to the bus, don't panic! You can still take a taxi to the venue, cost is approx. 5-6 € from the railway station or from the airport, and 10 € from the Tower (taxicab stands are available there).

As a very last resort, there is the public transport bus number 6 to/from Barbaricina every 40 minutes, from the railway station to here and vice versa. The bus stop is named Livornese 28; timetables from the station are available here (it's line 6, not the Green one), to the station here. Note that you have to walk the last 700 metres on a very uncomfortable road (no pedestrian road). We encourage you to take a taxi instead.

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