By Mark Overmeer (‎markov‎) aus Arnhem.pm, Amsterdam.pm
Datum: Mittwoch März 7, 2012 10:00
Dauer: 120 Minuten
Language: English

Mehr Informationen gibt es auf der Seite des/der Vortragenden:

You may like it or not, but many of us need to process XML every once in a while. XML itself can be compared to lines on paper -- nothing special; the "technologies" around it do the work.

As maintainer of XML::Compile, I see many many schemas and WSDLs (SOAP). Like any good software project, those are usually full of mistakes, ugliness and heritage.

In previous years, I have taught how to use XML::Compile(::SOAP(::Daemon)). This time, they play only a minor role in this presentation (some examples shown) My target for this talk is to improve your knowledge about schema's/soap/wsdl to a level above the of average schema designer. This will help you with your next project.

Attended by: Stefan Hornburg (‎racke‎), Wieland Pusch, Wolfgang Radke, Alexander Becker, Peter Rabbitson (‎ribasushi‎), Steffen Ullrich, Tomasz Czepiel (‎tjmc‎), Colin, Hammad Khan,