Welcome to the Copenhagen Perl 6 Hackathon Site.

The Perl 6 Hackathon is a collaboration by the Open Source Days Conference and Copenhagen Perl Mongers.

The hackathon is aimed at raising some awareness around Perl 6 and to give people a chance to get some hands-on with Perl 6 assisted by the actual Perl 6 people.

In addition to the hackathon we are running a short track of Perl talks as part of the Open Source Days Conference

This page is only a landing page the Wiki is the primary source of information, in addition please check the feed.

Latest News

04/03/10 Cancellation from Patrick Michaud

Unfortunately Patrick Michaud has been forced to cancel his participation due to unforeseen circumstances. Patrick will attempt to participate via other means to the extent possible.

We hope he will be able to make it to Copenhagen on some other occasion, one of the upcoming Rakudo releases will be named Copenhagen after all.

02/03/10 Schedule of OSD Perl 6 talks now online

The Perl 6 track running at the Open Source Days conference in parallel with the hackathon is now available.

OSD: http://opensourcedays.org/2010/node/267 This site: http://conferences.yapceurope.org/hack2010dk/schedule

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