Cancellation from Patrick Michaud

04/03/10 10:56 by jonasbn

Unfortunately Patrick Michaud has been forced to cancel his participation due to unforeseen circumstances. Patrick will attempt to participate via other means to the extent possible.

We hope he will be able to make it to Copenhagen on some other occasion, one of the upcoming Rakudo releases will be named Copenhagen after all.

Schedule of OSD Perl 6 talks now online

02/03/10 10:13 by jonasbn

The Perl 6 track running at the Open Source Days conference in parallel with the hackathon is now available.

OSD: This site:

TPF Perl 6 Wiki Updated

26/02/10 09:49 by jonasbn

Read the story on


First goal met: "Copenhagen" release scheduled for March 2010

24/02/10 09:38 by jonasbn

The first goal and my initial goal of the Copenhagen Perl 6 Hackathon have been met.

The nice Perl 6/Rakudo implementers coming to visit us for the hackathon and Open Source Days have named the scheduled March 2010 release "Copenhagen"

Jonathan Worthington have confirmed his participation

24/02/10 09:23 by jonasbn

Jonathan Worthington is visiting us again as he has done on several occasions.

Jonathan will be giving a talk on solving common programming tasks in Perl 6 TODAY using Rakudo, no prior knowledge of Perl 6 is required.

Patrick Michaud have confirmed his participation

18/02/10 22:35 by jonasbn

Patrick Michaud will be giving a talk on Rakudo Star and on the arrival of a working Perl 6 implementation.

From the abstract: "Rakudo Perl 6 is an implementation of a Perl 6 compiler on top of the Parrot virtual machine. In April 2010, the Rakudo Perl team will be releasing "Rakudo Star", a usable and useful implementation of Perl 6."

So Christmas will be coming early this year \o/

Martin Berends have confirmed his participation

18/02/10 22:31 by jonasbn

Martin Berends will be giving a talk entitled: 'Perl 6 Implementations in March 2010' - which will give us a bleeding edge view on Perl 6 implementations. Martin will be driving up from the Dutch Perl Workshop so we expect to get the latest new from Martin.

Looking forward to having him at the hackathon

Carl Mäsak have confirmed his participation

08/02/10 22:15 by jonasbn

Carl Mäsak is one of the people behind November - a wiki written in Perl 6 and one of the first, if not the first real application written in Perl 6. Carl will be giving a talk entitled 'Only Perl can parse Perl 6' - a topic which bears resemblance to a statement which can still can get Perl 5 hackers out of their chairs. We are happy to have Carl joining the hackathon.

Moritz Lenz have confirmed his participation

08/02/10 21:58 by jonasbn

Moritz Lenz will give a talk entitled '‎Parsing with Perl 6'. Moritz Lenz is one of the Perl6/Rakudo developers, which is going to help us during the hackathon so we can get the most out of the short time span we have - looking forward to having Moritz visit us in Copenhagen...