[talk] Log4perl, logging the easy way

Di Richard Lippmann (‎Horshack‎) da Erlangen.pm
Data: giovedì 22 giugno 2006 14:00
Durata: 20 minuti

Logging is a pain because it's always the wrong time to take care about it. I have tasks to do, problems to solve, time is burning under my nails. Logging destroys my screen when running the program and hey? Isn't there "our $debug=1 and print 'message' if $debug" which can be put everywhere in my code?

This talk explains about a very simple start to begin logging and really clever ideas how to get tons of log-messages if you _have_ to get them and to keep perfect silence if everything works well.

Talk was held as a lightning talk the first time at the German Perlworkshop 2006 in Bochum.