Getting to the Nordic Perl Workshop 2011

Getting to Malmö

Malmö is easy to reach from all of the Nordic countries. In fact, it's easy to reach from practically all of Europe.

Coming by Plane

Malmö does have its own airport, however it mostly only offers flights to Stockholm. Thankfully, Copenhagen's Kastrup Airport is just a 20 minute train ride away from Malmö central station. It offers frequent flights to and from all of the Nordic capitals (usually, multiple flights per day) and many other cities.

For most of the day, trains travel between Copenhagen airport and Malmö three times per hour. Between 1am and 5am, this reduces to just one train per hour.

From Malmö airport to the center of Malmö there is no train; instead, you can take the Flight Bus.

Coming by Train

There are direct trains to Malmö from Copenhagen (it's just a 45 minute journey); if you're from Copenhagen or nearby, it will be easy to commute to the conference. Within Sweden, one can reach Malmö directly from Stockholm (around four and a half hours with the X2000, when it runs on time), Göteborg (under three hours, if you're lucky) and many other places.

Sleeper trains run by Deutsche Bahn travel to Copenhagen from Amsterdan, Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt and Basel. From there, it's just another 45 minutes to reach Malmö. For more information, see the City Night Line site.

Coming by Car

It's possible to reach Malmö by car, and there are a number of car parks in the city. The venue does not have its own parking, however. Note that if you plan to drive over the Öresund bridge between Denmark and Sweden, it's quite expensive.

Coming by Boat

Malmö is right on the coast. In fact, the venue is right on the coast, in the West Harbour area. Jump aboard your longship on sail on over! (Disappointingly, the harbour is actually mostly just filled with modern yachts. Dang.)

Getting to the Venue

So you've made it to Malmö, and now you want to find the venue. The address is Dockplatsen 1. If you're lost, mention that, or "Sigmahuset", and any local will surely be able to point you in the right direction. Here's a map.

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It's in the West Harbour area of Malmö. Specifically, it's about 10 minutes walk to the central railway station and 15 minutes walk from Stortorget (the main square). Stay around either of these, or commute to the event by train, and you will be able to easily walk to the venue.

The building you're looking for is this one:

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The event is hosted at the office of Informator; take the elevator to floor 4, turn left out of the elevator and you're there! Welcome. :-)