In The Area

If you have some time aside from the conference and want to do some sight-seeing, here are some ideas for things to do in and around Malmö.

Malmö Boat Tour

It's possible to take a boat tour, which leaves from the canal that is opposite the central station. This is a very pleasant way to sea...uh, see...the city.


A fifty minute train ride from Malmö will bring you to the city of Ystad, which has some of the oldest buildings in the region of Skåne. It's pretty and nice to walk around on a sunny day, and there's a path to walk by the sea also.

Helsingborg and Helsingør

The Swedish city of Helsingborg and the Danish city of Helsingør lie on the coast at the closest point between the two countries. There's only 8 kilometers between them; enough for the sea to occasionally freeze and enable you to walk between them. In Helsingborg, there's a fort on the hill, to spot anybody who chooses to use the frozen sea as a way to invade (yes, it happened, apparently). Over in Helsingør is the castle from Shakespeare's Hamlet. A ferry runs between the two every 15 minutes. Trains go directly from Malmö to Helsingborg.


Just 10 minutes by train from Malmö, but with a slightly less urban feel, this city is perfect if you just want to kick back and relax. Make sure to catch the famous artwork, The Nothingness, in eternal exposition at the student campus. The mountain at the north-east edge of town is well worth an afternoon trip. Right across from the picturesque student lodgings, there's a Willy's supermarket. There's also a... power station, and the office buildings of Ericsson. Why yes, your organizers have truly chosen the finest city in the land to make their home.


It's easy to reach Copenhagen from Malmö - the train takes just 35 minutes. Things to do: wander around, see the fortress, take a boat tour from Nyhavn (which is really pretty in itself) and buy cheaper beer than you can get in Sweden. ;-)