Perl Everywhere: From the Bible to Necronomicon (and beyond)

Perl Everywhere: From the Bible to Necronomicon (and beyond)

By Marc Kerr
Date: Friday, 2 September 2005 11:50
Duration: 20 minutes

Perl was originally discovered in the Land of Sysadmin.
Discovered, not created, as it has been around for much longer. This
trip through history shows how (and where) perl crops up, with reference
to its complicity in some of the greatest conspiracies of all time.


Well, as I am sure you have gathered by now, not an overly serious talk.
Although, given the rise in interest in global conspiracy theories as
expounded (wrongly, in most cases) by Dan Brown and his DaVinci Code,
most of this can be explained away using perl. Perhaps. (This talk is an
extension/reworking/redoing of the one I never gave at YAPC last year,
due to being elsewhere. That one was Perl for Fun and Prophecy, IIRC.)

Extensive use of slides with pretty pictures, scripted and ad-lib gags,
all pandering to the conspiracy theorist perlmonger in all of us. :)

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