Devel::Cover - An Introduction

Devel::Cover - An Introduction

By Paul Johnson (‎pjcj‎) from Zürich.pm
Date: Thursday, 1 September 2005 16:55
Duration: 20 minutes

You can find more information on the speaker's site:

Devel::Cover - An Introduction

In recent years, many people have become aware of code coverage, and especially how it can be used with Perl. This is due in no small part to an increased focus on testing within the Perl community and Devel::Cover's integral role in the Perl QA effort and use in Phalanx (http://qa.perl.org/phalanx/).

This talk is a brief introduction to Devel::Cover.

Topics to be covered include:

- a short introduction to code coverage basics
- how to run Devel::Cover
- how to view and interpret the results

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