Kick in the Monads

Kick in the Monads

By Marty Pauley (‎maokt‎) from Shibuya.pm
Date: Thursday, 1 September 2005 15:40
Duration: 20 minutes

Just as we were all beginning to lose hope in Perl6, Autrijus Tang released
a working implementation of an ever-growing Perl6 subset called Pugs, written in
a purely functional language called Haskell. A lot of Perl people are now
interested in Haskell, and a lot of people who are interested in Haskell are
confused or frightened by "Monads". But Monads aren't scary or even

In this talk Marty will briefly explain what a monad is, why they are used in
Haskell, and what they would look like in Perl. As a side-effect (not that we
want any of those) you should be able to understand the Main module of Pugs
after listening.

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