Perl Black Magic - once and for all - Obfuscation, Golfing and Secret Operators

By José Castro (‎cog‎) from Lisbon.pm
Date: Thursday, 1 September 2005 11:30
Duration: 90 minutes

Everything you always wanted to know about Obfuscation and Golfing, some strange techniques and odd operators many are not aware of, the three rules of Obfuscation and many more.

Also, everything you *never* wished to know about Obfuscation and Golfing, some even stranger techniques and even odder operators many wished the were *not* aware of.

All the slides that didn't fit the 45 minutes I got the other times.

An improved section on Golfing.

A brand new section on Secret Operators.

Oh, and a guy trying to keep at less than 6 seconds per slide.

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