IPW 2008 - Call for papers & questions

Extended deadlines!

You can submit proposals up to July 31! Hurry up!

You can influence the topics that will be covered during the workshop in two ways: you can propose your own talk, or you can propose a topic for discussion.

To propose either, use the web interface. All proposals are to be sent before June 30July 31, 2008.

If you send a proposal, please fill in as much information as possible about yourself in your profile, after having registered.

Some talk are already defined:

  1. an introductory course on Perl
  2. talks about the usage of the main GUI libraries (Gtk+2, Tk, WxWidgets)

Guide-lines for talks

Start the title with [talk], to help us distinguish talks from discussion topics.

In the abstract write a short descritption of the topic of your talk, and specify the pre-requisite knowledge assumed in the audience, using the dedicated field.

In the comments field, specify if you have any requirements for presentation equipment or materials (e.g. a laptop, a projector, etc.)

If you already have additional materials for your talk available on-line, please let us know using the designated fields: this will allow the organizers to have a better idea about your talk's contents.

Anyway, you should send us the full materials about your talk before August 31, so that we can put them in the proceedings.

Guide-lines for discussion topics

Start the title with [disc], to help us distinguish discussion topics from talks.

In the abstract describe the topic as precisely as possible, specifying also the level af detail you'd like it to be discused at.

In the comments field you can write why you think your topic may be intiresting. You can also reference Internet resources that already dwell on the topic, either as a starting point for the discussion, or as example of formats or attitudes to avoid.


You can choose between 3 different durations:

120 minutes:

for "tutorial"-style talks, where you describe a technology or a complex module; also for discussions about very ample or introductory topics

50 minutes:

for complex or detailed talks; also for most discussions

20 minutes:

for most talks; also for discussions about limited topics

Final notes

We will send out acceptance notices for talks by July 31August 9, 2008.

For proposals of discussion topics there will be no acceptance notice: discussions will just show up in the schedule.

Dates summary

June 30July 31, 2008:
Proposals submission deadline
July 31August 9, 2008:
Talk proposals acceptance notices
August 31, 2008:
Talk materials deadline
September 18, 2008:
Workshop starts

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