Nordic Perl Workshop 2007

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Presskit for the Nordic Perl Workshop 2007

The Concept
This is the 5th Nordic Perl Workshop (the first was named Scandinavian Perl Workshop).
The Workshop has toured between Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen over the last 5 years, attracting Perl programmers from the nordic countries and around the world.

  • NPW 2006 in Oslo, Norway, organized by the Oslo Perl Mongers
  • NPW 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden, organized by the Stockholm Perl Mongers
  • NPW 2004 in Copenhagen, Denmark, organized by the Copenhagen Perl Mongers
  • SPW 2003 in Copenhagen, Denmark, organized by the Copenhagen Perl Mongers

The workshop is a two-day event of talks and presentations from numerous speakers on topics related to computer programming, the IT business and Perl programming - the topics are as varied as there are speakers.
The Nordic Perl Workshop is a non-profit event arranged by the local Monger group and for the Perl Community and everybody interested in Perl.
The Workshop is well founded in the concept of Open Source, as well as the Perl programming language, and out of these two days spring new projects, contacts and ideas.

The press or related is more than welcome, please contact the Copenhagen Perl Mongers at: Thank you!

LogicLab FULLRATE ActiveState
Adapt Code3 Stonehenge
Versed Solutions The Perl Review YEF
Sifira DKUUG
Copenhagen Perl Mongers Nordic Perl Workshop 2007 is organized by the Copenhagen Perl Mongers and made possible by our sponsors

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