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Nordic Perl Workshop 2007 Wiki

Welcome to the official Wiki of the NordicPerlWorkshop2007.

You are welcome to add pages to the Wiki related to the NordicPerlWorkshop2007.

We would very much like to provide you with whatever information you would require, but instead of we attempt to come up with what ever information we would think would be relevant, list your request on the following page and we will attempt to address it.

* What information are you missing?
* Do You need assistance?

Before the NPW

* How are people getting there?
* Where are people staying? (now with hotel suggestions)
* Who is coming BTW?
* EarlyArrivals (aka. Pre-Workshop-Beer)

At the NPW

* Getting to the venue
* NPW 2007 Google Calendar
* Google Earth KML for NPW 2007
* Birds of a Feather sessions at Nordic Perl Workshop
* WirelessNetwork at the venue
* IRC, not that you should use it during talks
* Requests from attendees to attendees
* SaturdayNight
* SundayNight (post-workshop-beer)

From the NPW

* NordicPerlWorkshopTag, the official tag for the NordicPerlWorkshop2007
* Slides and Presentations - speakers, post your links
* Pictures from NPW2007 - photographers, post your links
* How can the NPW improve aka. wishlist and comments
* Article about NPW in Version2 (Danish)

While in Copenhagen...

* Eat - recommended restaurant/cafes/eateries
* Drink - recommended pubs/bars
* Be a Tourist - recommendations on what to see and do in Copenhagen
* Weather - What will the weather be like?

The Organizers of the NordicPerlWorkshop2007 / CopenhagenPerlMongers

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