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Where are people staying?

  • Invited speakers are staying at Cab Inn City Hotel (27/4 - 30/4), see also below for promotional code and discount.

Hotel / Hostel Suggestions

Please add great hotels/offers if you find them.

  • Cab-Inn (3 star), there is a discount on this hotel if you mention the promotion code 'logicLAB'. The discount is only valid until 20. April 2007. This is the preferred hotel and the invited speakers are staying here. We are not in control of unforseen hackathons or all night Perl sessions in the lobby. Note, that there are more than one Cab-Inn hotels in Copenhagen. The one all the speakers are staying at is 'Cab-Inn City'.
DKK 1575 /
Locations: Near Tivoli (Cab-Inn City) / Frederiksberg (Cab-Inn Scandinavia)
  • Skt. Petri (5 star)
DKK 2908 (via /
Location: Near Nørreport Station.
(Limited no of rooms at this rate)
  • Alexandra (3+ star)
DKK 2234 (via /
Location: Near City Hall
(Limited no of rooms at this rate)
  • Choice Hotel Østerport (? star)
DKK 3271 /
Location: Østerport Station.
  • Copenhagen City Hostel
DKK ? /
Location: Near City Hall (H.C. Andersens Boulevard 50)
Beds in shared rooms for 2-4 persons are available at moderate prices at Copenhagen City Hostel, a new design hostel. 
The hostel has a shower/toilet in each room and can be highly recommended.

Price examples are current (for 27 April 2007 to 30 April 2007, 3 nights) - checked 1/3-07.
No guarantees given. But book early for best deals.

You might also want to take a look at the official Visit Copenhagen pages.

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