Call for Papers / Participation

The German Perl Workshop will take place from the 19th to the 21st of October 2011 in the Haus der Jugend in Frankfurt am Main. The intended audience are all serious Perl users and those who want to become such.

The linchpin of our workshop are the talks. They have a duration of usually 5, 20 or 40 minutes. All topics that bear some relation to Perl or the Perl ecosystem are of interest for talk topics.

You currently have only a vague idea for a talk? No problem: We are interested in all topics that are related to Perl. If in doubt, just ask us early enough ( ). We're glad to help you concretize the talk.

All talks will be held in the plenum (ca. 120 to 150 participants). In addition to the talks, we will be offering two or three half-day tutorials about a larger topic. Proposals from speakers for such tutorials are also very welcome. The workshop language is German. If German is not your primary language, you can alternatively also give your talk in English.

Please submit your proposal until latest Sunday, 14th of August 2011 as abstract. Of course, you can submit more than one talk proposal. The abstract should describe in about 2000 characters (30 lines a 72 columns) what makes your approach special and why Perl is the tool of choice in this case.

To submit your proposal, please register on the Perl workshop website and use the form under "Submit a talk proposal".

Your Audience will be comprised mainly of advanced Perl users, as is common for a Perl workshop. As the venue is large enough, we also have room for less advanced Perl users. Talks should be technically oriented, but that is not a strict requirement. Ideally, your audience can take away useful suggestions for their daily work with Perl from your talk.

Lightning Talks (5 Minutes)

One afternoon of the workshop is available for "Lightning Talks". This is the ideal opportunity for those who don't (yet) dare to give a longer talk to actively contribute to the workshop and to try out speaking in front of an audience.

Also, this is a good place for talks like "My Favourite Module", in which an interesting, useful and maybe unknown Perl module is presented.

Short Talks ( 20 minutes )

Talk of 20 minutes lenght and 5 minutes for questions and answers. Short talks are of interest for example for the presentation of projects.

Long Talks ( 40 minutes )

Talk of 40 minutes length and 5 minutes for questions and answers. Long talks should display in detail one or two interesting technical aspects of the topic.

Proceedings / CD

In so far as we can, we will produce printed proceedings and a CD-ROM of all contributed talks. For the proceedings, we will need the print version of your talk and your written agreement to the publication in the conference proceedings and on the web.

Dates / Deadlines

Talks can be submitted until 14th of August, 2011. You will receive our feedback until 28th of August, 2011. The print version of your talk needs to be available lastest on Friday, 30th of September to be included in the conference proceedings.

If in doubt, it helps you and us if you contact us early about any unclear issues or questions you have.

Potential Talk Topics

Here is a (not exclusive!) list of potential inspiration for topics about which we imagine interesting talks or tutorials:

More topics which we think are interesting (also, an imcomplete list):