Reaching Arnhem

From various nearby cities:

Reaching the Hackathon

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By Bus

Upon arriving at the train station in Arnhem, ascend the stairs leading to the temporary walkway, which is the walkway which does not have very much glass in it. Follow the signs to the bus station.

Take either bus 3 (departing from platform M) or bus 20 (departing from platform S). Busses of the same number departing from other platforms do not travel in the correct direction. It is possible to buy a ticket from the bus driver, or to use a multiple trip card if you have one. The distance is one zone. Get off the bus at the hospital "Ziekenhuis Rijnstate".

After exiting the bus, walk up the hill (east, with the hospital to your left) to the first intersection, Cattepoelseweg. You will see a sign for the Stayokay hostel which points to the right; this information is only valid for cars. Instead, turn left after crossing to the far side of the road.

After some distance you will encounter a footpath of steps formed from large bricks. This will be on the right-hand side. The path goes up a hill, and the hostel is located at the top.

Evening Route

After sunset, the footpath may not be used. Instead, at the intersection with Cattepoelseweg, continue straight in to the smaller street of Wagnerlaan. From there, take the first left, and then the first left again. The road will curve around to the hostel.

By Train Taxi

If you arrive by train, it is possible to get a "trein taxi". These taxis have fixed rates and pool passengers. However, you must purchase a train taxi ticket at the same time as your normal train ticket. Ask to go to the Stayokay hostel near the hospital "Ziekenhuis Rijnstate".

By Car

From Nijmegen or Arnhem center

From Nijmegen or the center of Arnhem follow the signs to the hospital "Ziekenhuis Rijnstate". Then follow the Stayokay signs to the hostel.

From the A12

From the A12 motorway, after the intersection with the A50, follow the signs to Arnhem-Noord in the direction of the Openlochtmuseum/Burgers' Zoo. Then follow the signs to the Stayokay.

From the north on the A12

Take the exit "Arnhem Centrum" and then follow the signs to the Openlochtmuseum/Burgers' Zoo. From there you can follow signs to the Stayokay hostel.