Project organizers are invited to post further details of their plans on the wiki.

Parrot/Perl 6

The Parrot/Perl 6 efforts will be coordinated by Allison Randal and/or Jonathan Worthington.


MARKOV will be hosting the CPAN6 portion of the hackathon.


Philippe Bruhat will coordinate the Act (A Conference Toolkit) part of the hackathon.

Other Projects

If there's a project you'd like to work on, you can mail the hackathons mailing list about it, add a note in the wiki, or simply come prepared to work on it.

If you organize a project, you will need to prepare by making certain that necessary information is available to participants. Prepare by having specific tasks for both experienced contributors as well as people who express interest in the project during the hackathon. Also, consider our bandwidth limitations and plan accordingly.