Most of the material in this FAQ appeared in the FAQ which was created for the Chicago hackathon.

| What's a hackathon?
| How does it work?
| What supplies are provided?
| When is it?

What's a hackathon?

A hackathon is a gathering of hackers (in this case, Perl hackers) who meet somewhere for a weekend. Hackathons are informal gatherings designed to allow people to work together for a few days at a time. They are regional events, targeted primarily at people in the vicinity.

How does it work?

A hackathon is a free-form get-together. There are two meeting rooms, which will have tables and chairs, wireless internet access (when the meeting rooms are open) and hopefully a projector. In addition the hostel has a bar, and two public meeting areas (one smoking, one non-smoking).

People should work on whatever projects they find interesting, including those which are not planned. You may find it helpful to read this guide for hackathon attendees.

What supplies are provided?

You will need to bring yourself and a laptop with wireless capability. Consider reviewing the additional suggestions in the guide for hackathon attendees. We will provide:

When is it?

We will begin from 16:00 on Friday, 2 March 2007. The meeting rooms will not be opened until the following morning. We can use the meeting rooms until 17:00 Sunday, 4 March 2007.