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A list of the projects which are planned for the hackathon can be found here. Other projects may be introduced here, in the wiki. Below is information project coordinators have supplied about their projects:


CPAN6 (by MARKOV) is an attempt to combine the features of "The best thing what ever happened to Perl(5)" with needs for Perl6 and Parrot. The project is a major overhaul, with already over 100 pages of design documents. Implementation has started, but there are still quite some nuts to crack. I would like to use the hackathon to develop ideas about trust, licence compatibility/autodetect, improved platform independency, and interface unification. See http://cpan6.org

Unicode POD

Juerd will try to improve Perl 5's unicode POD. Goals include making it easier to understand for beginners, and maybe add some caveats. The relevant documents are: utf8, perlunicode, perluniintro, perhaps perlunitut, and if there's still time, a new document called perlunire about unicode in regular expressions. People who want to help, are invited to read perlunitut as preparation.

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