Please add notes to the Successes page to indicate what you've been doing. Take inspiration from the Chicago Hackathon page. Explain to future sponsors what comes out of a hackathon!

Ann worked on: reviewing the English translations for Act and the YEF website. She plans to work on summaries and hackathon organization documentation. Mostly she is here as an organizer.

Allison worked on: Together with Jonathan, Liz and others in the room, designed the core structure of objects and classes in Parrot. Released Pod::Simple version 3.05, a patch and bug-fix release to be included in Perl 5.9.5.

Abigail: worked on the 5.10 RE documentation, with input from Juerd. Wrote a draft for 'perlrecharclass.pod', a documenting character classes in Perl Regular Expressions.

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