Blaming the unknown - constructive approach to technology

Blaming the unknown - constructive approach to technology

Di Giuseppe Maxia (‎gmax‎)
Data: giovedì 22 ottobre 2009 12:40
Durata: 20 minuti
Tipo di pubblico: Tutti
Lingua: English
Etichette: better coding community database development rants regexp spots weak xml

If you don't know them, they will hurt you. No matter how expert you are, there are holes in your knowledge, and when things go wrong you usually blame what you know the least. So the culprit could be that database, the regular expression engine, the XML parser, the thread engine. What if the problem is between the chair and the keyboard instead?
This talk will give you some general insight on the art of software development, encouraging users to rant less and improve their own practice.

Seguito da: Emanuele Zeppieri (‎emazep‎), Stefano Tirabassi, peppe, Fabio Invernizzi (‎fabulus‎), Ferruccio Zamuner (‎ferz‎), andrea ciampalini, Corrado Pandiani, Marco d'Itri (‎Md‎), Mona REMLAWI,

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