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Welcome to the London Perl Workshop.

The London Perl Workshop is a free one-day conference in central London, UK. It will be held on Saturday the 29th of November, 2008 at Westminster University's New Cavendish Campus

You can subscribe to the announcements list here

If you would like to come then please log in and register, if you have attended a European Perl event recently you will probably already have a login otherwise you will need to create a new user first.

If you would like to speak then please submit your talk here as soon as possible - the earlier you submit, the more likely your talk is to be accepted.

The theme for the London Perl Workshop 2008 will be Perl 10. Speakers are invited to talk on any subject that relates to this theme, but there are these three facts:

This should not constrain you in any way as you might also want to look at what is the next ten years of perl? Or, what project will I still be maintaining or supporting in ten years time?

Proposal Deadline: Friday 10th October 2008
Speaker Notification: Monday 3rd November 2008
Slides to Organisers: Saturday 22nd Novemeber 2008