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Sponsors are very important for the London Perl Workshop.

Like last year we are graciously being hosted by The Department of Electronic, Communication and Software Engineering at the University of Westminster. We cannot exagerate how grateful we are for their support of Perl and Open Source in London.
After the success of their previous free training course run in conjunction with the BBC in June, Magnum have kindly agreed to run another free training course in the morning during the LPW. We are initially keeping this open to UoW students only, in order to help promote Perl to new audiences. For full information on Magnum's training courses please consult their website.
Shadowcat Systems is a developer, sponsor of, and contributor to open source software projects including Catalyst, the elegant web framework, and DBIx::Class, an object-orientated database abstraction library. Shadowcat provides consultancy, training and support for these projects; systems management and automation; the design and implementation of network architecture; the development of proprietary and open source custom web applications; and offers Perl refactoring and project crisis management.
Shadowcat Systems are based in the United Kingdom but we deliver solutions to a global community of clients via onsite supervision along with traditional and internet based communications.
London-based Investor Dynamics Ltd measures 'media sentiment'. By analysing news coverage about a company and its competitors, it gives its customers the information to make smarter decisions - about their communications strategy, their competitive approach, and how their audience perceives them. It delivers this information through its web-based tool MediaDashboard.
Investor Dynamics is sponsoring a raffle - matching funds for every pound raised - for the charity ActionAid (read more on the conference Wiki)
"Venda provide a highly scalable e-commerce platform written in Perl. Their software takes advantage of the rapid application development features of Perl to allow them to give their clients a rock solid base from their core application with incredible flexibility to meet individual client requirements. As last year Venda have generously agreed to contribute to the 'first round' of drinks at the after conference venue"
Nestoria is a property search engine in various European markets. In addition to sponsoring the last two LPWs and this year's YAPC::EU, the Nestoria team are regular speakers on topics like geocoding, ETL, il8n and testing. Read about Nestoria's use of Perl in this review on perlbuzz: Perlbuzz Article.
AntibodyMX provides a hosted antispam and antivirus email filtering service based entirely on a proven open source platform. Perl being one very important component. Users of the platform see a near-instant, near-total reduction in the amount of spam, phishing and malware content arriving at the mail server. AntibodyMX also provides onsite mail filtering, white-label filtering solutions to ISPs and will soon be launching CellMX, a filtering service for remote and mobile workers.
Enlightened Perl is an organisation which is built around a movement within the Perl community. Its goals are complementary to the Perl Foundation. Specifically, we support certain Perl development efforts that ensure perl's future as an enterprise-grade development platform.

We're also looking for new sponsors. Please contact m.keating['at' sign]shadowcat.co.uk if you are interested.