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Perl(e) Workshoppe of Londoninium

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye. To all Mongers Perl; Londoners olde and newly fresh; to ye lords, ladies and gentlefolk of the realm; to the colonies, principalities and regions most common in wealth; to the fellows whom inhabit lands removed from faire and succulent Blighty, I ask you pause and heed with becalmed heart to my call....

I anounceth the most glorious workshoppe, new of London, to the fair grace of our Queen in the year of our Lord two thousand and eight with the following most auspicious arrangement:


Saturday 29th of November (currently betwixt 10:00 and 17:00 - tbc)


Westminster University, London (grateful thanks once again)



This year the theme is "Perl 10". Speakers are invited to talk on any subject that relates to this theme, but there are these 3 facts to consider:

* this is the tenth anniversary of LPW;
* we are currently using perl 5.10;
* perl 5 is ed: over 10 years old;

This should not constrain you in any way as you might also want to look at what is the next ten years of perl? Or, what project will I still be maintaining or supporting in ten years time?


All persons far and wide are invited to attend. The registration system (the most excellent ACT – thanks to the guys who built-support-maintain this) should be online at:


If you'd like to speak, please use the above website or send a mail with following details,

* Title of talk.
* Your name and a brief bio if possible.
* A brief outline of the talk.
* Any URL's you'd like us to link to (e.g. your homepage or company).
* How long you'd like, to keep this simple please choose either: 5 minutes (a lightning talk – always popular!), 20 minutes or 40 minutes.


m.keating at shadowcat.co.uk

The deadline for proposals is Friday 10 October 2008, and all speakers will be notified on, or before, Monday 3 November 2008.

If you feel like helping out on the day with any of the many odd jobs that need going please also email Mark at the above address and offer to volunteer.


Simply your time and your ability to consume vast amounts of Perl information, random verbiage and general good will. One would imagine that there will be a certain level of pre- post and perhaps during- Workshop drinking and eating to consider in your accounts as well :)

...for your elucidation:

The London Perl Workshop is intended to allow all members of the Perl community to interact, we encourage Perl beginners to learn from long-standing members of the community, while also giving the experts a chance to make easy tasks seem trivial, and hard tasks seem easy.

We'd specifically like to encourage people who wouldn't normally speak at, or even come to, Perl events to turn up and to submit talk proposals. We promise we're a lovely bunch of people and we want to hear from people outside the usual circle of Perl mongers.


Your kind attention and listening prowess is well reported and proveth well to your demeanour and good countenance.

I thank you all.

The LPW 2008 Organisers.

Post Scriptum

It reacheth the ears, so scolded and abused, that some noxy naïve whence seeing lines of script most special and under hidden vexing mayhappenhath spoken in foulest tongue before this gentle chronicle did reach thine ears. Some perhaps have said upon Yapcee day the secondth in talks of lightning hence and hithertoo. Pray, cast it from your mind and the noxious scourge will once again repenteth as on the fields of Agincourt or beneath the heel of fair and loved Charlemaigne.

(Editors note: Surely this is spelt Charlemagne?)

Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye,

My Lords, Ladies, Gentlemen, and Daves of Olde Londinium Towne.

Once more it is my pleasure, nay even my delight, to call to ye for lectures, presentations, discussions or even trivia and hyperbole upon the language known to thee as Perle and the subject of Perle 10 (ten or tenth, thine owne choice).

So, good people, attend thineself with hasteless persipacity to the matter of submissions of proposals, good and proper, being of length already described.

The closing date of the tenth day of October in the year of our Lord two thousand and eight, looms forever closer, and the black waters of despair to late entrants denied draws richer.

I thank ye for thy attentive soul.


Dearest Perle Moungers of Londinium incl. surrounding acclimes,

It is my auspicious honour, yet alwith dubious in fortuity, to announce the final week in the first part for the submission of, and pertaining to, talks of quality variable in length for the occassion of the Londinium Perle Workshoppe of Two Thousand and Eight.

Your participation is assumed and forthwith hounds shall be gathered for the bones of dissenters and absentees to be cast unto.

I thank you for your kind attention.


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