List of talks tagged perl

Submitted talks: 4
Accepted talks: 3



English talks in Bratislava & Vienna

Speaker Talk title Duration Language Date
Tara Andrews (‎aurum‎) ‎10001 manuscripts in practice: Perl, XML, medieval chronicles, and why Unicode rocks‎ 40 minutes English 07/11/08 17:40
Petr Pajas ‎Processing XML documents with XML::LibXML‎
[ Talk ]
20 minutes English 08/11/08 14:20


Slovak talks

Speaker Talk title Duration Language Date
Jozef Kutej (‎jozef‎) ‎Čo je Perl, ako "funguje" a aké sú jeho silné stránky‎
[ Talk ]
40 minutes Slovenčina 08/11/08 09:05

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