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How it works

We meet at the railway-station "Hlavn√° stanica", where we get a group ticket, including public transport in Vienna. We board the train, travel to Vienna, get off, take the tram to the venue and arrive there in time for coffee break.

We will have to take the same train back to Bratislava. The exact time to return will be discussed in train on the way to Vienna.


We will take train Zr 2517 Belvedere leaving Friday at 09:00 and arriving in Vienna at 09:58.

We will buy tickets on Friday morning, so be there at 08:30. If you come later, we won't have a ticket for you!

We will meet in the main hallway (identification sign will be the grey HP bags).

Who will come

To make it even easier for us, please add yourself to this list:

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