TwinCity Perl Workshop 2011

On Friday, 4th November, will welcome Perl Hackers from around the world to Vienna. The event will continue on Saturday, 5th November, in Bratislava, hosted by Each day will feature talks in the local language (German and Slovak) in the morning, followed by English talks in the afternoon. The evenings will be spent at social events in restaurants near the venues.

Call for Participation

Whether you're a beginner or a guru, or even if you're only planning on using Perl in the future, the Twin City Perl Workshop will offer some interesting talks for you. We offer the following three different tariffs:

Regular - Vienna - 4th November
Regular - Bratislava - 5th November
10 Euros
100 Euros for both days, including an invoice.

All accepted speakers, except lightning talk only speakers, will have their registration fee waived.

Latest News

01/11/11 Your ticket

It's less then one week now. TwinCity Perl Workshop 2011 is starting next Friday at 10:00 in Metalab - Vienna.

If you haven't done so already, please confirm your attendance!

28/10/11 lightning talks wanted

There are still many lightning talk slots free. You can submit a topic any time. Sample evergreens are what you learned this year, or discussing custom scripts/aliases that you use in your development environment/personal ~/bin.

Older announcements

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