Getting to Vienna

... by plane

Vienna's main airport is Vienna International Airport (VIE), which offers connections to most major cities in Europe and the rest of the world. The airport is connected to the city by the City Airport Train - CAT which takes 16 minutes from the airport to the city center. There's also the regular "Schnellbahn" which takes 25 minutes and is much cheaper. If you're arriving late (after ~23:30) you can take a bus or a taxi.

Both Schnellbahn and CAT stop at "Wien Mitte".

Alternative airports (served by low-cost carriers not going to VIE) are Linz, Graz (both in Austria) and Bratislava (capital of Slovakia and TCPW 2011 host city).

Linz (LNZ) is located ~190km west of Vienna. There is a regular train service going at least once an hour. The train takes 1.5 to 2 hours and costs 27.50 Euro for a single ticket.

Graz (GRZ) is located ~250km south of Vienna. Trains take ~3 hours and cost 29.70 Euro.

Bratislava (BTS) is ~50km east of Vienna. There are various bus shuttle services from Bratislava Airport.

Airlines serving one of the above mentioned airports

... by train

Depending on where you live, travelling to Vienna by train (especially with an overnight sleeper) can be quite cheap and relaxing. And it's good for the environment :-)

You will either arrive on Westbahnhof (if you're coming from the north and west or Linz, eg Germany or France) or Südbahnhof (if you're coming from Graz, the south or east, eg Italy or SEE).

... by car

We do not advise you to come to Vienna by car. Parking places are scarce and expensive. You should probably try to leave your car at the hotel parking (if there is one) or outside Vienna (there are some Park & Ride facilities on the outskirts from where you can catch the subway). You have to buy parking tickets for the inner districts (1-9 and 20, the venue is in the 9th district) and parking time is limited to two hours.

... by bike

There's a very nice and famous bike tour along the Danube from Bavaria to Vienna called Donauradweg (in German).

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