YAPC::Europe 2011 in Riga

YAPC::Europe 2011 “Modern Perl”

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Call for sponsors

Places of interest

We would also appreciate your help with your online donation.

Sponsorship proposal

YAPC::Europe is a grassroots conference, which also means that its primary goal is to provide cheap and accessible conference for the attendees. On the other side we still need money to make that happen. If you feel that you or your company is able to sponsor us, please let us know. Thanks in advance. All the details may be discussed via our e-mail: mail@yapceurope.lv.

Sponsorship levels

We propose six different sponsorship levels. All the sponsors, regardless of their status, will be listed both on the conference website and in newsletters.

  • Megasponsor;
  • Platinum Sponsor;
  • Gold Sponsor;
  • Silver Sponsor;
  • Sponsor;
  • Supporter.

Sponsor benefits

Depending on a level, we offer exclusive right to brand one of the following:

  • One of the talks rooms (i. e. name it after the company);
  • The lunch for one of the days during the main part of the conference;
  • The attendees dinner, which occurs the second day of the conference;
  • The pre-conference dinner (on the eve before the first day);
  • One of the key speaker attendance.

Primary services, which the sponsor can receive:

  • Right to give 10 minute talk about the company.
  • Best spot in the venue hall for company's booth or table.
  • Logotype placement in the main talk room.
  • Placement of the logotype on conference official T-shirts.
  • Company-prepared enclosing materials and/or goodies to be added to attendees conference package.
  • Placement of company's logotype, its name, and a link on the conference site's front page, and on a dedicated page with the list of sponsors.
  • The company's logotype will also be printed on the conference banner installed in the venue.
  • A brief description (up to 500 characters) on a 'Sponsors' page of the site.
  • Logotype of the company and a link to its site in printed materials the attendees receive.
  • Every newsletter, following signing the contract, will contain the sponsor's name and a link; the first of those newsletters will also include company's brief description (up to 500 characters). We plan to prepare and send newsletters twice a month.
  • One to five free attendees.

Job fair

Job fair is a separate kind of activity a sponsor is allowed to do during the days of the conference. This type gives the possibility to install company's table in the hall and spread printed materials among the attendees.

Bring a sponsor

A person who brings the sponsor may attend the conference free of charge. To match this option the sponsorship must result in a donation of at least 300 €.