Welcome to the First European Perl Hackathon

2 - 4 March, 2007
Arnhem, The Netherlands

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The hackathon will be held at the Stayokay hostel, located in Arnhem, The Netherlands.


Registration is now closed. If you did not register but still wish to attend the hackathon, you may try to contact Ann, but we cannot be certain there will be space.

You are invited to attend if you have interest in working on one of the featured projects. No previous experience is required, only a willingness to join in! Here are just some of the things you can do besides adding code to a project:


Although there is no fee to attend the hackathon, you are required to pay for your own accommodations and transportation. Some meals will be provided; please refer to the schedule. No computers will be provided to participants; you must bring your own laptop.

For discussion about the hackathon, please join the hackathons mailing list.



Please tag this event as perlhack2007nl.

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Note that the organizers reserve the right to remove reservations if there is question of their legitimacy. The organizers cannot sponsor visas or otherwise assist participants in reaching the event.