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Workshop history

In early 2003 Jonas B. Nielsen of the Copenhagen Perl Mongers spawned the idea of a local workshop for Perl developers in the Scandinavian countries. With the help of DKKUG and Stockholm Perl Mongers the first Scandinavian Perl Workshop was arranged in Copenhagen at Symbion Science Park on the 25-26 April 2003. Despite the short timeframe the workshop was a huge success and inspired us to continue with the event. We managed to gather 13 interesting speakers giving a total of 14 talks from Denmark, Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States.

In 2004 the workshop changed name to Nordic Perl Workshop and was once again organised by Copenhagen Perl Mongers. The speaker line-up consisted of 16 people from several countries and included many previous-year speakers giving 24 talks + lightning talks.

After two years in Copenhagen it was time for Stockholm to give the guys a break. This year the workshop was a bit smaller and one-track only and featured 15 talks + lightning talks by 12 speakers - most of them coming from abroad.

Stockholm passed the baton to Oslo Perl Mongers who organized the biggest NPW so far - over 100 attendees. Number of talks was 18 + lightning talks by 14 speakers. The workshop also included a joint social barbeque event with the Norwegian Unix User Group.

2007 saw the return of the workshop to Copenhagen Perl Mongers and Symbion Science Park. There was a good mix of 22 talks + lightning talks by 15 speakers.

... And this year it's once again Stockholm Perl Mongers responsibility to organized NPW. This year YAPC::Europe will take place in Copenhagen so NPW is a great way to start the workshop experience.