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 Our sponsors


The Nordic Perl Workshop needs sponsors to make it a successful workshop.

We are interested in general sponsorships and specific sponsorships like speaker accomodation and/or travel, t-shirts and contest prizes. Depending of the time of sponsorship confirmation, we will be able to integrate it in most aspects of the workshop itself.

We operate with the following different sponsorships, which can of course be combined to suit your preference:

The sponsorship will be mentioned on this website and your information will be listed here for as long as this website is available. The site will hold presentation material and videos from the workshop as soon as these become available. The website will therefore be interesting not only for the duration of the workshop, but for a long time after.

As a sponsor you may also supply us with printed material such as flyers, CDs and job ads that we will make available to the attendees of the workshop.

For information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at Thank you!