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Welcome to the Nordic Perl Workshop 2008 - a workshop for Perl developers by Perl developers in the Nordic countries.

Latest news

28/05/08 - Some photos from the workshop

Dmitri Fedortchenko has posted some photos from the workshop on flickr. This set is available at

If you took any photos on NPW and wish us to link to them, send us an email and we'll post the link here.

26/05/08 - Online material from the various presentations

We will be collecting slides, interesting links and other stuff that may be relevant to the presentations on this page.

More content will be added as it becomes available to us.

25/05/08 - The workshop is over for this time (and tonights social)

Day two of the scheduled part of NPW has come to and end and we'd like to thank our speakers, sponsors and last but not least all the attendees who made this workshop a real success.

Tonights social will take place at the same place as yesterday - that is The Bishop Arms - since many people seemed to like it and they had a nice selection of beer and other beverages.

Sometime from 20.30 an onwards.

Thanks for this year and hope to see you soon again, The NPW 2008 organizers

24/05/08 - A bit more sleep tomorrow morning

The start of the workshop tomorrow has been moved 30 minutes and the first talk starts at 10.00 instead of 9.30 as previously.

24/05/08 - Tonights social event

Since Perl people are generally also beer people a pub with a wide selection of beer would be a good idea.

So our suggestion is to meet up at "The Bishop Arms" located on Sankt Eriksgatan 115. It's a bit off-center but still quite near both Sankt Eriksplan and Odenplan. The chances of fitting lots of people there are a bit bigger than at a more central location.

The number of beers on tap is usually around 20 to 25 and on bottle between 70 an 100. They also have a wide selection of whisky.

Map to location

I reckon there will probably be some people showing up around 20 - 20.30 or so.