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To travel from Arlanda airport (Stockholm's international airport) to the city center (also called 'T-Centralen') you may chose one of the following:

* Take a taxi. Taxis are waiting outside the airport's main gates and take a fixed fee of about 400sek (~40 euros) for any destination within Stockholm inner town. The journey takes usually 30 minutes.

* Take the 'Arlanda Express', a fast train connecting Arlanda to T-Centralen. Costs something like 35 euros for a round trip. Takes 20 minutes.

* Take the Flygbuss to T-Centralen. About 20 euros and 45 minutes.

Once in Stockholm, you will most likely need a travelling card from SL to travel by buss and subway. We recommand SL's 3-days card that gives you unlimited ride and costs 200sek (20 euros). You may also buy tickets by the unit (40sek/trip) or by group (180sek for 16 units. A trip costs 2 units). Those cards and tickets can be purchased more or less everywhere and in particular in shops called 'PressbyrÄn'.

You can also rent bikes from SL with a special card giving you the right to pick up a bike at any of the numerous bike stations in town. More info on demand.

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