YAPC::Europe 2008

YAPC::Europe 2008 will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 13-15 August 2008.

Conference tickets can be purchased through our online payment system. If you have not yet registered, now is the time to do so!.

The venue will be the modern buildings of the Copenhagen Business School, right in the heart of the Frederiksberg area of Copenhagen.

The theme of the conference will be "Beautiful Perl".

"YAPC" stands for "Yet Another Perl Conference" and is a series of low-cost, grassroot conferences organized by local Perl user groups.

Watch this space for updates, or check the feed. If you have questions, or comments, please send a mail to email.

The price structure for the YAPC is as follows:

Latest News

15/08/08 Tutorials over the weekend

The tutorials in the weekend will take place at CBS (the conference venue) and not at Kvarterhuset as first announced. We gathered it would be easier for all of us to just have it here in room 2.07

Looking forward to seeing those of you attending the tutorials Saturday and Sunday

14/08/08 TAP Charter

The TAP crowd is working on a charter at the YAPC::Europe.

The work is taking place as a BoF Thursday afternoon, details in the Wiki:


We are looking forward to seeing the results of the BoF.

14/08/08 Social Event: Dinner at Ravelinen

The dinner is taking place at Restaurant Ravelinen.

Details in the wiki,


Hoping to see all of you there,

14/08/08 YAPC::Europe 2009 will be in Lisbon, Portugal

Next years YAPC::Europe, the 10th. Will be held in Lisbon in Portugal. Congratulations to the portuguese, we look very much forward to going.

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