Tutorials over the weekend

15/08/08 13:20 by jonasbn

The tutorials in the weekend will take place at CBS (the conference venue) and not at Kvarterhuset as first announced. We gathered it would be easier for all of us to just have it here in room 2.07

Looking forward to seeing those of you attending the tutorials Saturday and Sunday

TAP Charter

14/08/08 15:10 by jonasbn

The TAP crowd is working on a charter at the YAPC::Europe.

The work is taking place as a BoF Thursday afternoon, details in the Wiki:


We are looking forward to seeing the results of the BoF.

Social Event: Dinner at Ravelinen

14/08/08 14:47 by jonasbn

The dinner is taking place at Restaurant Ravelinen.

Details in the wiki,


Hoping to see all of you there,

YAPC::Europe 2009 will be in Lisbon, Portugal

14/08/08 09:57 by jonasbn

Next years YAPC::Europe, the 10th. Will be held in Lisbon in Portugal. Congratulations to the portuguese, we look very much forward to going.

Call for (more) Lightning Talks

13/08/08 14:35 by Lars Thegler (‎tagg‎)

As you know, there are two lightning talk sessions, on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, and there are still open talk slots.

We have re-opened the talk submission page, so if you want to give a lightning talk, please go ahead and submit it! Please remember to check the 'Lightning talk' duration checkbox, saving the Gong Master™ the trouble :)

Pre-registration at the Globe

11/08/08 12:47 by jonasbn

The pre-registration is taking place at the Irish pub The Globe Tuesday from around 18:00.

The Globe
Nørregade 43
1165 København K

Hope too see as many of you there as possible. There is also rumours that people are going there Monday night.

Personal Schedule

10/08/08 21:05 by jonasbn

As a new feature, it is now possible to create a personal schedule in Act (the conference system we use). If you go into the Schedule. You can tag (star) what talks you want to listen to.

Under the menu point 'Personal Schedule' your very own personal schedule will now become available. If you have not tagged any talks in the schedule a personal schedule will of course not be available.

Thanks to Eric Cholet (echo) for developing this and making it available. Act just keeps getting better and better.

Sponsor Announcement: Fullrate

05/08/08 16:52 by Lars Thegler (‎tagg‎)

We're pleased to welcome Fullrate among the YAPC::Europe 2008 sponsors. Fullrate is a dynamic danish ISP with a strong Open Source commitment.

Sponsor Announcement: Booking.com

28/07/08 23:17 by Lars Thegler (‎tagg‎)

We are happy to announce that Europe’s leading online hotel reservations agency, Booking.com, will be sponsoring the Friday lunch.

Booking.com will also be present at the Expo/Jobfair on Friday.

Sponsor Announcement: Ericsson Mobile Platforms

28/07/08 10:16 by Lars Thegler (‎tagg‎)

We are happy to announce that Ericsson Mobile Platforms will participate in sponsoring YAPC::Europe 2008.

Ericsson Mobile Platforms will also be present at the Expo/Jobfair on Friday.

Sponsor Announcement: Casalogic

17/07/08 15:07 by Lars Thegler (‎tagg‎)

We're happy to welcome Casalogic to the group of YAPC::Europe sponsors. Casalogic provides IT-solutions based on Open Source Software.

Sponsor Announcement: One.com

15/07/08 14:37 by Lars Thegler (‎tagg‎)

One of the leading European web hosting providers, One.com, has kindly offered to sponsor the Attendees Dinner. One.com use a lot of Perl back-stage, and we're delighted to have them support YAPC::Europe.

One.com wil also be present at the Expo/Job Fair on Friday.

Extra YAPC feature: Tutorials

14/07/08 13:36 by Lars Thegler (‎tagg‎)

We have been fortunate to have been approached by some very competent Perl trainers, and together we have organized four world-class tutorials in the days around YAPC::EU 2008:

  • Gábor Szabó: QA Test Automation using Perl
  • Dave Cross: Perl Teach-In
  • brian d foy: Mastering Perl
  • Josh McAdams: Practical Test-driven Development

The price for each of these full-day tutorials is 900 DKK (about 120 EUR), which is way below market prices, and much of the proceeds will be plowed back into the Perl community.

Check our Tutorials page for more info.

Sponsor Announcement: GratisDNS

13/07/08 21:01 by Lars Thegler (‎tagg‎)

We are very pleased to announce that GratisDNS will join the group of sponsors for YAPC::Europe. GratisDNS has always been very supportive of the local Open Source community, and we're most happy to have them on board.

Payment has opened

13/07/08 14:30 by Lars Thegler (‎tagg‎)

Yay! We have now sorted out the remaining issues with Paypal, so our ticket payment system is now online.

So now is the time to go pay your ticket, securing your seat in this years fabulous YAPC::Europe, now only four weeks away!

Come and get it while it's hot!

Sponsor Announcement: logicLAB

11/07/08 14:46 by Lars Thegler (‎tagg‎)

We are very pleased to announce that logicLAB will be sponsoring the travel and accomodation for Perl's inventor, keynote speaker Larry Wall.

logicLAB has been supporting Perl and the Copenhagen Perl Mongers for a long time, and we are extremely happy for this repeated assistance.

Announcing: Ticket prices

08/07/08 13:29 by Lars Thegler (‎tagg‎)

Finally, enough of the flying stuff has landed that we can actually announce the prices of the tickets for YAPC::Europe 2008.

We'll have three distinct price options:

  • Regular price, 900 DKK (about 120 EUR). This is you normal, everyday, attendee price.
  • Student price, 600 DKK (about 80 EUR). This is the cheap-o student price. We'll ask you to show your student card, if your clothing does not already give it away.
  • Business price, 1800 DKK (about 240 EUR). This is the glitzy corporate price, for the discerning business attendee.

So, what do I get for this price?

Well, you'll get three day's worth of excellent talks, by the brightest Perl people out there.

Plus, there will be a boxed lunch and refreshments every day.

And last, but not least, participation in the traditional Attendees Dinner, on Thurday evening.

We'll be opening for actual payment just as soon as we get the last technical hurdles out of the way, hopefully really, really soon now!

Sponsor Announcement: Adapt

03/07/08 11:23 by jonasbn

Our long term sponsor and employer of Perl mongers Adapt have informed us that they will sponsor Damian Conways travel and accomodation for YAPC::Europe 2008.

We are very happy to have Adapt sponsoring, they have helped us out in the past with our workshops and we hope this will continue in the future.

Adapt will also be present on the friday exhibition.

Sponsor Announcement: KultuNaut

03/07/08 11:21 by jonasbn

KultuNaut is publishing a Danish cultural calendar. They have had Perl mongers employed in the past, we are very happy to announce them as sponsors of this years YAPC::Europe.

Sponsor Announcement: Telia

02/07/08 10:24 by jonasbn

We are happy to have Telia sponsoring YAPC::Europe, Telia being a heavy Perl user and employer of many local mongers.

Sponsor Announcement: Catpipe

01/07/08 19:54 by Lars Thegler (‎tagg‎)

We are very happy to announce Catpipe as a sponsor for the upcoming YAPC::Europe 2008.

Catpipe has long standing relations with the Copenhagen Perl Mongers and the local open source community in general and we are happy to have them on board.

Sponsor Announcement: Apress

26/06/08 12:11 by jonasbn

We are very happy to announce Apress as an official sponsor of the YAPC::Europe 2008.

Apress are delivering a collection of various book titles for our auction etc.

Sponsor Announcement: Google

26/06/08 12:03 by jonasbn

We are very happy to announce that Google will be sponsoring this year's conference t-shirts. We cannot have a conference without official t-shirts so you can show that you were there - Google makes this possible.

Sponsor Announcement: Nestoria

26/06/08 12:02 by jonasbn

We are very happy to announce Nestoria as a sponsor at the forthcoming YAPC::Europe 2008.

Sponsor Announcement: ActiveState

26/06/08 11:21 by jonasbn

We are happy to welcome ActiveState as an official sponsor of the 9th. YAPC::Europe.

ActiveState are delivering some nice items for our auction.

Preliminary conference schedule published

16/06/08 15:48 by Anton Berezin (‎Grrrr‎)

The preliminary conference schedule is available now. All in all, 75 standard duration talks have made into the conference program. Please note that changes to the schedule are likely at this stage. We hope you like the program and we are looking forward to meeting you in Copenhagen.

Newsletter 02

10/06/08 13:10 by jonasbn

The second newsletter is out, attempting to recapture what rotten things are going on in the state of Denmark and what the Copenhagen Perl Mongers are up to.

Read about keynotes, talks, sponsorships and the not yet scheduled 4th. track.

Call for Sponsorship

10/06/08 12:37 by Lars Thegler (‎tagg‎)

We already have a few sponsors for the conference, but our goals are ambitious, so we need more! If you would like to sponsor the conference or know someone who does, please take a look at http://www.yapceurope2008.org/ye2008/sponsor.html.

Talks submission deadline has swooshed by

30/05/08 09:21 by jonasbn

The window for submitting talks for this years YACP::Europe conference has been closed. We have received about 94 talks we have to shuffle into the regular schedule.

We hope we can make a schedule for interest of all, but due to time constraints, some talks will not be accepted for various reasons, but we hope we can schedule a marvelous YAPC::Europe with something for everybody. The diversity in topics in the submitted talks certainly gives us the opportunity to do so.

Larry Wall to give keynote at YAPC::Europe 2008

30/05/08 09:17 by jonasbn

We have been confirmed in what we had hoped for. Larry Wall will give a keynote at this years YAPC::Europe.

We do not know on what topic Larry will talk, but we are sure it will be entertaining, educational and insightful as always.

Lightning Talks Accepted

30/05/08 09:00 by jonasbn

All the submitted lightning talks have been accepted. Please note that lightning talks are still accepted up until the scheduled lightning talk session or we run out of time in the lightning talk session schedule

The lightning talk session at this years YAPC::Europe is hosted by the gong master Mr. R Geoffrey Avery (‎rGeoffrey‎).

Thank you for submitting, we are looking forward to your lightning talks. Geoffrey Avery will be provided with a list of lighting talks and will organize the session as he sees fit.

Talks submission deadline extended

27/05/08 12:08 by Anton Berezin (‎Grrrr‎)

Since we know of a number of people who missed the submission deadline, and we are always interested in more talks to be able to choose from, we extended the talk proposals submission deadline until Thursday, 29th May 2008.

Submit your talks, folks.

Larry Wall to attend YAPC::Europe 2008

27/05/08 09:44 by jonasbn

We are glad to announce that Larry Wall will be attending this years European YAPC.

We hope Larry will share some of his insights and reflections on Perl/perl, community and the world in general, but we do not currently know what he has planned.

We are however happy to have him and his wife visiting Copenhagen and the 9th. YAPC::Europe conference.

Perl 6 Development in Strong Representation

23/05/08 10:33 by jonasbn

We are very happy to announce that both Patrick Michaud and Jonathan Worthington have accepted our invitations to YAPC::Europe 2008 in Copenhagen. So Perl 6 development will be strong in representation at the 9th. YAPC::Europe conference.

Both Jonathan and Patrick will be giving talks on Perl 6, Rakudo and other things Perl 6.

We are hoping to be able to team up even further on this, please keep an eye on the news feed for updates. Christmas draws closer...

Damian Conway to give keynote at YAPC::Europe 2008

21/05/08 13:17 by jonasbn

Damian Conway, Ph.D. and author of numerous books and CPAN contributions, has accepted our invitation to speak at the 2008 YAPC::Europe conference.

We do not yet know on what topic Damian Conway will talk, but we trust that his keynote will attract as many of our attendees as we can fit in our largest lecture hall, if not to say all of us.

Newsletter 01

16/05/08 11:38 by Lars Thegler (‎tagg‎)

The silence has been broken! We have published the first newsletter leading up to YAPC::EU 2008, throwing some light on the things that are going on behind the scenes.

Read about the schedule layout, Perl training, job fair and sponsorships.

And remember, the talk submission deadline is drawing nearer!

Call for Papers has opened

10/03/08 21:34 by Lars Thegler (‎tagg‎)

The YAPC::EU 2008 organizers are happy to announce that the Call for Papers for this year's big European Perl event has officially opened. The deadline for submissions is 25th May 2008, but there is no need to wait until the last moment, get your talk on the list right away!

Email works again!

14/02/08 12:12 by Lars Thegler (‎tagg‎)

Due to a hardware failure a couple of weeks ago, the conference contact address was rendered offline. We have now moved to other hardware, and are again able to receive and respond to questions and comments sent to .

If you tried sending us stuff during these past few weeks, please resend it.

Dates and venue have been decided!

01/12/07 18:51 by Lars Thegler (‎tagg‎)

The dates for the annual YAPC::Europe conference to be held in Copenhagen in 2008 have been settled. The hosts, Copenhagen Perl Mongers, are happy to inform you that the event will take place across 3 days, from Wednesday the 13th to Friday the 15th of August 2008, at the magnificent venue of Copenhagen Business School.

The venue is a modern school in the heart of Copenhagen, which will provide a great frame for Yet Another Perl Conference in Europe with the theme of 'Beautiful Perl' in wonderful Copenhagen.

Informational wiki is available and future announcements will be published on the conference website, http://www.yapceurope2008.org/ and in other relevant fora.

Thank you for you attention - hoping to see you in Copenhagen in 2008 for YAPC::Europe,

Copenhagen Perl Mongers